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Diamond Microdermabrasion

Microdermabrasion is a modern method of mechanical exfoliation, where the effect of exfoliation is achieved by the action of shearing heads covered with crystals, diamonds, and a suction pump dead callus. During the procedure, the intensity of exfoliation is closely inspected and adjusted individually for each patient, which makes this treatment is safe, and the results are visible immediately.

With moderate removing the upper layers of the epidermis, in his most deeply situated, the living layer, comes to the intensified development of new, nutritious cells. They wander up and replace damaged cells, and exfoliation occurs gradually, layer by layer.

Main indications:

  • dry and loose skin
  • wrinkles
  • skin pores
  • discolouration
  • shallow scars and stretch marks,
  • stopping ageing
  • elimination of acne, seborrhoea, blackheads and milia.

Effects of treatment:

  • smoothing of the skin
  • elimination of hyperkeratosis and dryness of the skin and its regeneration
  • reducing fine wrinkles,
  • reduction of comedones
  • increase the absorption of active ingredients of cosmetic preparations
  • stimulation of fibroblasts to produce collagen and elastin
  • strengthen the defence capabilities of the skin,
  • stimulation of microcirculation, which results in better nutrition of the skin cells

Skincare infusion

Iontophoresis is a process of transdermal drug delivery by use of a voltage gradient on the skin. Molecules are transported across the stratum corneum by electrophoresis and electroosmosis and the electric field can also increase the permeability of the skin. Both procedures are a safe way to stimulate new cell growth, which promotes rejuvenation of dull and tired skin. Each treatment can have a combination of microdermabrasion and sonophoresis/ Iontophoresis or on its own.




Before the treatment, microdermabrasion no special treatment to prepare the skin, but for five days before it is to be avoided: chemical depilatory creams, electrolysis, waxing, abrasive sponges/brushes to clean the face, peeling gels and creams for the face. The procedure does not require the restriction of normal activity – only more sensitive skin may react slight redness that disappears after a few hours.

Recommendations care after the treatment: avoiding the sun during the first 48 hours post procedure, avoid swimming in chlorinated water (swimming pools) to 48 hours post procedure, drinking 8-12 glasses of water a day (extra skin elasticity) on the day it is recommended to use sunscreen with SPF of at least 25, moisturizing of the skin.
Usually, treatments must be carried out from 2 to 10 (mean of 5 ) at intervals of 1 week to 4 weeks (every 7 – 10 days in the rejuvenation and 4 weeks in the treatment of acne). It depends on the indication and the patient’s expectations. After each microdermabrasion improvement is becoming more and more visible. In order to maintain and consolidate the obtained results, it is recommended every 4 – 6 weeks redo microdermabrasion
Contraindications for Microdermabrasion viral infections (warts, herpes, molluscum contagiosum ), bacterial infections (impetigo, staphylococcal sycosis), fungal infections, acne, pustular, oil, rosacea, excoriations, erosions (broken skin), skin cancers and moles, anti-acne therapy Accutane– a derivative of vitamin A (indicated at least 3-month break), prone to keloid (keloid), surgery of the face (up to 2 months).

Microdermabrasion perfectly prepares the skin’s surface for the enhanced infusion of active ingredients applied during a sonophoresis/iontophoresis treatment.

Sonophoresis is a relaxing treatment that uses ultrasonic (soundwave) technology that has been shown to increase the penetration and absorption of active ingredients by up to 800%. This warm, massaging treatment increases skin circulation and toning leaving the skin feeling smooth, firm and hydrated. It is suitable for all skin types and delivers excellent results.







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